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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bayh Garners National Attention in Iowa

Evan Bayh's recent trip to Iowa brought a plethora of local and national news coverage. The Associated Press story even made its way to the front page of Yahoo! for a stint on Sunday as well as to numerous newspapers around the country.

Associated Press

"The chatter that you hear is that he's a good guy and nice and he has that honest, Midwestern feel to him, kind of like Harry Truman,...,That's all appealing."

"When I'm around town I'm starting to hear Bayh's name mentioned," Courtney said. " Democrats are looking for somebody who is new and fresh."

The Des Moines Register brings the headline "Bayh Plans Hard Campaign in Iowa"

WOI-TV (Des Moines)

Bayh has assembled the foundation of a presidential campaign that's impressed strategists. It has left him positioned to open the nominating season with what many see as a realistic chance.

All America PAC brings us a CNN segment that featured Evan Bayh. Check out the YouTube video.


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