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Monday, May 01, 2006

Comparing Bayh and Edwards

Maureen Groppe of the Indianapolis Star recently ran a story comparing Senator Evan Bayh to former Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards. The two Senators have become good friends throughout their years in the Senate.

"When John Edwards was preparing for the 2004 vice presidential debates, he called on his Senate colleague Evan Bayh for support."

"I care about what he thinks," Edwards said. "Evan and I have been through a lot of things together."
"We just hit it off like that," Bayh said of meeting Edwards his first day in the Senate. "On our runs, we would have what we called 'the runner's privilege.' We could talk about anything and it just stayed between us."

Both Senators are looking towards a Presidential run in 2008, where the two former jogging buddies will likely end up as adversaries. Senator Bayh's travels brought him into Edwards' home territory this weekend as the keynote speaker for a large fundraising dinner sponsored by the NC Democratic Party.
Bayh was invited to address North Carolina Democrats after the state party chairman, Jerry Meek, heard Bayh speak at a meeting of moderate Democrats and was impressed.
"I felt like he would be a good match for North Carolina and would be able to resonate very well with Democrats here in our state," Meek said.
Rusty Perry, a retired probation and parole officer from Fairmont, N.C., said after hearing Bayh speak Saturday night that Bayh would be a better presidential candidate than Edwards.
"He's got a better common sense approach," Perry said. "I think he would really help the Democratic Party. I think he would be a uniter like Bush said he would (be)."

Senator Bayh is showing up everywhere he needs to be for his trip to the White House.



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