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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bayh News Update

Tom Curry of wrote a very good commentary and audio slideshow on Senator Bayh''s recent trip to Iowa. Please click the link to listen to the presentation. Its worth your time. Some quotes from the story:

“I think he’s for real, I like him,’ said Daryl Beall, state senator from Fort Dodge in northwest Iowa.

Also impressed after hearing Bayh Friday night was former state party chairman Gordon Fischer who said Bayh “had a lot of humor, which he hadn’t had previously. He seemed a lot looser, had a lot more energy and passion. I really like how he pivoted from ‘we can bash Bush, but we need to talk about positive solutions. I thought that was cleverly done.”

Senator Bayh also got several mentions in the Iowa press during his visit:

Bayh: Democrats Need to be Tough, Smart (Des Moines Register)

Bayh Predicts Sweeping Immigration Reform (WHO TV Des Moines)

In other news, Senator Bayh gave the commencement address at Depauw University on Sunday. The event was recorded by CSPAN and will air at a later date (probably as a part of their "Road to the White House" series). The Senator was also awarded an honorary Doctorate of Public Service from the school in recognition for "his contributions and dedication to improving Indiana."

Finally, Senator Bayh promoted the use of ethanol during a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For those who dont know, the 90th running of the Indy 500 is Sunday, May 28th. I wonder how long iit will be before he makes it to a Nextel Cup race? Go #20!


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