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Friday, February 24, 2006

Photoshop Fun - Bayh for Prez!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bayh in Iowa

By request:

This video was aired on CSPAN's "Road to the White House 2008" program. Evan Bayh is speaking in front of a woman's group in Iowa. February 19, 2006.

EB Talks w/ The Des Moines Register

Evan Bayh recently had a conversation with David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register. Some highlights of his story:

"The deep antipathy many Democrats have toward this administration is in many ways justified, but in itself is not productive," Bayh said in an interview. "Just as the whole impeachment issue was a diversion we couldn't afford during challenging times, anger by itself toward this administration is not going to improve America.

"Politically, it's not going to be enough to get us elected. We have to offer a better alternative. Legitimate criticism, absolutely. But, equally, a positive alternative telling the American people what we will do about it, starting with why they should trust us to defend and protect this country during challenging times."

Bayh said the Republican attack in 2008 "will be to say 'the Democrats are weak and soft. We're tough. Vote for us or you may die.' It worked in 2002. It worked in 2004. They're going to try to ride that horse again.

"Our response to that can't be: 'Oh, we've got to change the subject. Or, gee, let's pretend that doesn't exist and talk about something else.' We've got to take them on and prove why that caricature they're trying to put on the Democratic Party is not true."

The Des Moines Register

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fox News Sunday w/ Evan Bayh

Is now available here: Video

I have the CSPAN footage from today as well, but im probably not going
to post it because it was very long and there was not much new
information in it. It was just the Senator chatting with Iowa
Democrats in a house and at a small forum type event. If there is a
big interest in seeing it however, I could post it temporarily on Just let me know your thoughts.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Short Hardball Clip on Bayh

Here is a short clip from Chris Matthew's Hardball program about
Bayh's recent trip to Iowa. The only significance would be that Evan
was the only Democratic candidate mentioned along with Hillary.
Click the link below.

Response to a Bayh Article

Here is a response I wrote to an article by a guy named David Sirota. It was originally posted here at Huffington Post.

Sirota claimed that Evan Bayh is creating straw men in the Democratic
Party who are weak on security. He doesnt see that every Democrat who
advocates talking points around domestic issues are his missing straw
men. By ignoring the security issue, Democrats are telling the
Republicans to keep national security as the main focus in national
debate, and that Democrats are going to shy away from extensive debate
on the issue. If Democrats could produce a clear and coherent
counterargument to this Republican brainwashing, then it would take
away their fallback position and produce more fruitful and
comprehensive debates on domestic issues.

Sirota is just mad because Bayh is not following the route Sirota
wants him to. He mentions Bayh's recent Charlie Rose appearance. On
the show Bayh said it is appropriate to monitor Al Qaeda calls, but to
do so in a way that protects civil liberties. Sirota claims this
statement attacks Democrats and is taking the issue away from law
breaking. People like Sirota never see how using his approach harms
Democrats. With an issue like this, the American people see the
wiretapping as an appropriate means of attack against Al Qaeda. When
they hear Democrats saying laws were broken and rights were violated,
this leads many in the American public think Democrats want the
wiretaps stopped because they are violating civil liberties. It can
even lead some to think that we value the rights of terrorists more
than protecting the States. This issue is about law breaking, but the
American people wont see that if they think Democrats are just
obstructing reasonable measures to secure the country. Democrats
should have first stressed that the laws need to be changed to make it
legal, then attack Bush for breaking the law. Many just jump at the
chance to attack Bush without thinking about the issue clearly.

People like Sirota only see what they want to, and that is evident to
any informed viewer. He calls Evan Bayh a wimp for the CSIS speech.
Most Americans and most level-headed Democrats who have read the
spech, saw it as someone stepping up to challenge the Bush
administration in the area where Democrats are the weakest. Ignoring
the perception that Democrats are weak on security only works when the
party talks strongly about security as one of their main concerns.
Most in the party arent. Evan Bayh is starting to fill the vaccum.

Sirota's ideas are not based on the realities of the world. Bayh has
the right methods on how to approach various issues. All David
Sirota's article exposed is his own intellectual dishonesty. He spends
the second half of his article mentioning various Bush policies in an
attempt to create the impression that these are "tough and smart"
policies that Bayh agrees with. Knowing what Bayh said in his CSIS
speech clearly exposes the intellectual dishonesty of David Sirota and
his weak attempts at discrediting those who he disagrees with by any
means necessary.

The End

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

UAW Applauds Bayh

Senator Bayh gave a speech yesterday to a UAW conference in Washington. His focus on this day was the unfair trade practices of the Chinese government.

Read the Transcript

A short article I wrote on "The Chinese Bandits"

Indy Star Article

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Evan Bayh Forum now has a forum open to the public. It can be found here:

We are looking for help with naming the forum, so please post any ideas you have there, or here.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The True Beginnings

Wow. This speech is the one I’ve been waiting for. Senator Bayh gave a rousing commentary today on national security. Hopefully it can serve to stimulate a party where some members desire to shy away from any debate on national security.

Bayh focused in on the incompetent, ill-advised, and irresponsible policies which George Bush has plagued America with. Bayh not only showed that he can be the prescription for an America which has been weakened by the current administration in Washington, but also that it IS possible for Democrats to express a coherent message on national security. Let me start by giving you some of my favorite passages:

"George W. Bush’s saying he wants the 2006 election to be about national security is like Herbert Hoover proudly claiming that the 1930 election should be a referendum on the economy."

“To be blunt, Karl Rove and George W. Bush have been much better at national security politics than national security policy. They may have won some elections, but the American people have lost valuable ground.”

“There is no greater responsibility for a President than conducting a war, and on that measure this President has failed. The cardinal rule in any war is that you plan for the worst and hope for the best, but this Administration hoped for the best and the American people have tragically reaped the worst.”

“To my party, I urge that we do not change the subject or attempt to avoid this fight. It is our chance, and responsibility, to show the American people that we are tough enough and smart enough to protect this great country in perilous and uncertain times.

"And to Mr. Rove, I say we are ready. Ready to have this debate any time, any place, you’d like to have it. Ready to expose the severe failings of this Administration’s stewardship of America’s security. Ready to show the nation that there is a better way, that we can be tough AND smart.”

I highly encourage everyone to read the entire text. It can be found here.

This speech is one of the most powerful orations I’ve seen out of a Democrat for some time. Evan Bayh is making his goal clear – to personify the CEO of the great marketplace of ideas. To show everyone the correct course, and to embody the strength that true leadership must show in this dangerous world.

This speech is just the opening phase of the re-education of America.

Win a Birch Bayh Photograph - February Giveaway

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This month's giveaway will be a Birch Bayh photograph. Birch Bayh is the father of Evan Bayh. He was a Senator of Indiana between 1963 and 1981, and made an unsuccessful presidential bid in 1976 against former president Jimmy Carter. He was also the principal architech of the 25th and 26th ammendments to the constitution. They established rules for presidendial succession and lowered the minimum voting age to 18, respectively.

The information I have about the photograph is that it is from the 1960's. I believe the exact date to be 1965. The photo is approximatly 18" tall by 12" wide.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bayh's Thoughts on "The State of the Union"

Senator Bayh appeared on The Charlie Rose Show tonight to give his thoughts on the president's "State of the Union" speech. The opening of the interview:

"What really matters to the American people is not what a politician says in Washington, but what we do. How we transfer words into results. And all too often, Washington has been broken and not capable of delivering the kind of results the American people have come to expect. So the real question tonight is...Will the president follow through on what he said?"

Senator Bayh also opined on several other main points that the president spoke about tonight.

On Iran:

Bayh reminds us that the President labeled Iran as a part of the "Axis of Evil" four years ago, yet there has been practically nothing put forward to solve this looming threat. He says that something needs to be done to solve this problem.

On Energy Independence:

"We are more dependent on oil today than we were 5 years ago when the President took office." Bayh commented. He also reminded us of the bayhpartisan "Bayh-Brownback" bill which is before congress that would accomplish what the President proposed tonight in half the time.

On Domestic Spying:

"We shouldnt have to choose [between civil liberties and security]" Bayh believes that while wiretapping of Al-Qaeda is necessary, it should be done within the legal framework that is in place.

On Budgeting:

The President hasnt pulled out the rubber stamp once to put an end to any of the spending bills which have come his way. As a governor, Bayh once veto'ed an entire state budget because of the extraordinary amounts of spending that it contained. He remarked "Thats what strong executives do."