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Friday, July 21, 2006

Creating a "Opportunity Society"

Evan Bayh, more than any other '08 contender, understands the importance of the middle class when looking to advance our country into the new millenium. To show how committed he is to the issues the middle class is facing in America, Evan Bayh delivered a major policy speech on the strengthening the middle class last week at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Within the speech, he laid out the framework for creating an "opportunity society" for American workers. After the D.C. address, he flew out to Iowa to deliver an encore presentation of the speech to the Hawkeye public.

All America PAC is providing video of the speech.

Click Here for a transcript of the speech.

A myriad of news articles and blog posts discussed the speech.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Are you on Facebook?

Then you need to lookup Senator Bayh's facebook page as well as the All America PAC group. It was just released earlier this week.

Bayh Garners National Attention in Iowa

Evan Bayh's recent trip to Iowa brought a plethora of local and national news coverage. The Associated Press story even made its way to the front page of Yahoo! for a stint on Sunday as well as to numerous newspapers around the country.

Associated Press

"The chatter that you hear is that he's a good guy and nice and he has that honest, Midwestern feel to him, kind of like Harry Truman,...,That's all appealing."

"When I'm around town I'm starting to hear Bayh's name mentioned," Courtney said. " Democrats are looking for somebody who is new and fresh."

The Des Moines Register brings the headline "Bayh Plans Hard Campaign in Iowa"

WOI-TV (Des Moines)

Bayh has assembled the foundation of a presidential campaign that's impressed strategists. It has left him positioned to open the nominating season with what many see as a realistic chance.

All America PAC brings us a CNN segment that featured Evan Bayh. Check out the YouTube video.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bayh News Update

Tom Curry of wrote a very good commentary and audio slideshow on Senator Bayh''s recent trip to Iowa. Please click the link to listen to the presentation. Its worth your time. Some quotes from the story:

“I think he’s for real, I like him,’ said Daryl Beall, state senator from Fort Dodge in northwest Iowa.

Also impressed after hearing Bayh Friday night was former state party chairman Gordon Fischer who said Bayh “had a lot of humor, which he hadn’t had previously. He seemed a lot looser, had a lot more energy and passion. I really like how he pivoted from ‘we can bash Bush, but we need to talk about positive solutions. I thought that was cleverly done.”

Senator Bayh also got several mentions in the Iowa press during his visit:

Bayh: Democrats Need to be Tough, Smart (Des Moines Register)

Bayh Predicts Sweeping Immigration Reform (WHO TV Des Moines)

In other news, Senator Bayh gave the commencement address at Depauw University on Sunday. The event was recorded by CSPAN and will air at a later date (probably as a part of their "Road to the White House" series). The Senator was also awarded an honorary Doctorate of Public Service from the school in recognition for "his contributions and dedication to improving Indiana."

Finally, Senator Bayh promoted the use of ethanol during a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For those who dont know, the 90th running of the Indy 500 is Sunday, May 28th. I wonder how long iit will be before he makes it to a Nextel Cup race? Go #20!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Evan Bayh in Indiana

There have been many activites in Indiana this last weekend involving Senator Bayh and his All America PAC. One such event was Camp Bayh. This training seminar, which was sponsored by All America PAC, took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The training camp included lectures and activities covering every aspect of running a campaign including - developing your message, the field plan, targeting, fundraising, earned media, volunteering, canvassing, election law, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Click here for a news report on the training sessions (Includes video from the event). A second news report can be found here.

Read some more about the experience and events that took place at Camp Bayh:

Day 1: Friday, May 12

Day 2: Saturday May 13 (Comming Tomorrow)

Day 3: Sunday, May 14 (Comming Tomorrow)

The other big event that took place this weekend was the Indiana Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner. This event brought together many of Indiana’s most influential politicians and candidates, including Senator Bayh. Marie from Americans For Bayh, Rob from Confessions of a Hoosier Democrat, and I attended the event which we live-blogged on the All America PAC blog. Look there for pictures from the event as well as Senator Bayh’s Flickr Account.which includes many additional pictures.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Comparing Bayh and Edwards

Maureen Groppe of the Indianapolis Star recently ran a story comparing Senator Evan Bayh to former Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards. The two Senators have become good friends throughout their years in the Senate.

"When John Edwards was preparing for the 2004 vice presidential debates, he called on his Senate colleague Evan Bayh for support."

"I care about what he thinks," Edwards said. "Evan and I have been through a lot of things together."
"We just hit it off like that," Bayh said of meeting Edwards his first day in the Senate. "On our runs, we would have what we called 'the runner's privilege.' We could talk about anything and it just stayed between us."

Both Senators are looking towards a Presidential run in 2008, where the two former jogging buddies will likely end up as adversaries. Senator Bayh's travels brought him into Edwards' home territory this weekend as the keynote speaker for a large fundraising dinner sponsored by the NC Democratic Party.
Bayh was invited to address North Carolina Democrats after the state party chairman, Jerry Meek, heard Bayh speak at a meeting of moderate Democrats and was impressed.
"I felt like he would be a good match for North Carolina and would be able to resonate very well with Democrats here in our state," Meek said.
Rusty Perry, a retired probation and parole officer from Fairmont, N.C., said after hearing Bayh speak Saturday night that Bayh would be a better presidential candidate than Edwards.
"He's got a better common sense approach," Perry said. "I think he would really help the Democratic Party. I think he would be a uniter like Bush said he would (be)."

Senator Bayh is showing up everywhere he needs to be for his trip to the White House.


Attend "Camp Bayh" in Indiana

All America PAC will be hosting several training camps for grassroots activists starting in May. These weekend-long training camps will include instruction in organizing, get out the vote, media relations, fundraising, and the latest in campaign technology. Read the full press release here. Anyone interested can sign up at for the camp here.

Bayh News Update

Senator Bayh was recently interviewed by The Washingon Post's Chris Cilliza over dinner. A transcript of the interview can be found here. He spoke on the Alito confirmation, the Iraq war, Iran, and several domestic issues. A short portion of the interview is available on video from The Washington Post.

Chris Cilliza's article following the interview is also available here.

The Phoenix, and online newspaper, says that "Bayh may be just the candidate to help the Democrats retake the presidency two years from now". They include several election maps of Indiana with their article. The following maps show the results of the 2004 election by county in Indiana. The first one is for the Presidential election, and the second is for US Senate. Bush won the Presidency in Indiana by 21%. On that same day, Senator Bayh won by 24%.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Evan Bayh in New Hampshire

Evan Bayh visted New Hampshire this last weekend. During the visit, he visited a variety of venues and was able to garner alot of local press coverage.

Bayh: Democrats must be firm on national security debate

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh told a group of Democrats on Sunday that Democrats have to take on the national security debate with confidence. "Our message to the American people is we can be both tough and smart, good stewards of our nation's security, better stewards of our domestic policy," Bayh said during a fundraising event in Manchester for state Senate candidate Betsi DeVries. "You don't have to choose one or the other. You can have both."

Sen. Bayh tests presidential waters

U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., may not be an official presidential candidate, but he certainly sounded like one Sunday.
The son of Birch Bayh - who lost his bid for the Democratic nomination to Jimmy Carter in 1976 - brought his anti-partisanship "we can do better" message to fellow Democrats at two Port City gatherings.
"We’re part of a filtering system to weed out bad candidates," said Peter Somssich of the Portsmouth Democrats.
"I hope I don’t get weeded," Bayh responded. "Pruned a little, but not weeded."

Sen. Bayh tells Democrats he backs current primary

Bayh made clear yesterday he wants things to stay as they are — with no other contests between Iowa and New Hampshire.
"I hope you retain your position. I'm going to do everything I can to keep it that way," said Bayh. His words were greeted with a standing ovation from the partisan crowd of about 150.
"Now that I've won the Profiles in Courage award, that's what I believe," Bayh added, to laughter.

Bayh calls for reaching out to Republicans, expanding health insurance

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh told New Hampshire Democrats this morning that they need to reach out to voters of all parties and persuade them of the left's strengths on national security.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bayh At Georgia JJ Dinner

Bayh at Georgia JJ DinnerLast Monday Senator Bayh was the keynote speaker at the Georgia Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered had this to say:

Finally came the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, where Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) was the keynote speaker. There are several articles in the papers about his speech, last night, and I can honestly say that Sen. Bayh sounded like a man running for President and he impressed me. He gave about a 30 to 45-minute speech without using any notes or a teleprompter. Now I know when we're talking about being President, the ability to give a speech "off the cuff" is meaningless, but I'm going to keep an eye on Sen. Bayh because I could see him with a spot on the national Democratic ticket.

GTTim also attended the event and wrote about it in his DailyKos diary:

Evan Bayh gave the Keynote Address. Wow! Very impressive. Bayh discussed running against the GOP by confronting them on national security, the budget and values. He feels we can win by attacking them on these. He sold me, and is my top primary contender right now. He spoke about how Georgia and Indiana are very similar and how he won by a higher percentage in 2004 than Bush did. I think he is nailing it.

There were also several mentions of the speech in the local Georgia press.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Macon Telegraph